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Brockhampton Estate, Herefordshire by Di on Flickr.

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100% ART

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" When you’re young, thunderstorms seem scary. Like the sky is angry at you. But now that I’m older, something about its roar soothes me; it’s comforting to know that even nature needs to scream sometimes. "


Painting By: Brenda Burke

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Costume by Katie Garden, Wimbledon Costume Design student.

The Lestranges’ offer to her parents had not been welcome, and Ermengarde Flint made it clear she had no intention of marrying their son. But the Lestranges were proud, and there was a price for refusing them. Ermengarde carried it in her hand for the rest of her life. Eventually she married one of her cousins, because nobody else would have her, and to this day, occasionally the Flints show an heir in their line who has some form of bestial appearance—one that is rumoured to come from that ancient Lestrange curse against their ancestor.

But before she died, Ermengarde paid Corbin Lestrange back, and there’s a reason why madness is said to run in their line. Ermengarde had no regrets; she said she preferred to look the monster to actually being one.

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I don’t think wiser words have been spoken.

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