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Working on my new gemstone jewellery! Soon to be for sale


A selection of items available from my Etsy shop - gemstone jewellery also soon to come!

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Hi guys!

If you spend £5 or more in my Etsy shop before Friday the 19th of September you will receive a massive 50% off your next purchase over £5!

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This is the most beautiful violin cover I’ve ever heard…


acorns by Sylviane NATOL

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this was just supposed to be a sketch but then I got carried away….a lot…but anyway I think this is the final design for my take on a Kelpie. I wanted it to be more monster like than they are usually depicted since they are demons that….disembowel children. At least in most cases. There are some nice ones in legends too so I wanna see how far I can take designing maybe like, different forms of them and stuff. As well as HOOMAN forms?? I dunno we’ll see.

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I’m very much liking the idea of getting a foxglove tattoo at the moment…